Thursday, January 14, 2010

Therapy and Science

Maddy with Developemental Therapist Erynn Mula

Maddy's famous eyeroll when she's laughing
Not sure what's going on with the tongue

Science fun with our little homeschool group.

We meet once or twice a month with some other friends who homeschool. Carli met Liam and Wyatt in her pre-school class at First Presbyterian. A few more are involved that Carli has really taken to as well.

Here, we were seeing how close Carli was in her estimation of the pumpkin's circumference.

Digging the seeds out so we could count them.


Esther said...

Miss those little hands clapping! Looks like a fun home school experiment -- Makayla especially enjoys the "hands on" part of any day!

Kirsten said...

Love the science group thing. You are such a homeschool mom, haha. (in a good way, of course)