Saturday, January 9, 2010

My life in pictures

I just realized that I'm behind since OCTOBER in pictures, except the ones where Maddy had her casts off. I'm going to try to get them caught up over the next few days/weeks(/months?). I'm not going to caption them all, so I can get them up quicker. So much to little time.

WV/DC/PA trip in October
At Sommers' lovely home in the mountains of WV

Outside our hotel in DC

Glen's most favorite place--DC
He had a lot of fun telling Carli all about it.

(No comments about the fat woman in the pictures. She's working on that.)

On the Metro.
Girls loved it.

National Zoo

Tuckered Out

Smithsonian Museum of Natural History
Crazy windy
At Granny's work--Keeper of the Flame
Carli and Olivia went to work with Granny for a whole day. They entertained the elderly residents with balloons, songs, storys. They cuddled with Viola and learned to yoddle with Carl.
At Grandma Cessna's, celebrating Mom's birthday
For some reason, I have no pictures of my grandparents.

IUP Homecoming Parade, Indiana, PA


Esther said...

Fun pics - like we mentioned before...too bad you didn't think to call your relatives that live close by. They'd have been happy to meet you in D.C. and enjoy some time with you!

Anonymous said...

So happy to slow down for a bit and look at the pictures - we just rushed right into Thanksgiving and Christmas and forgot about the fun we had earlier! Loved seeing them all! Do you have cute kids or what?!! Love you! mommy