Monday, May 4, 2009

Not Me! Monday

MckMama is mckhosting her "Not me!" MckMonday once again. To join in on the fun, or to read about everybody's non-confessions, go to

I have not--I repeat, NOT!--been guilty of doing one of the things that MckMama did this past week, and even if I did, I wouldn't admit it here! (Up to you to guess what, since I wouldn't want to embarrass Grandma! :)

I did not allow Glen to open his b-day presents on Saturday when his birthday isn't until Thursday, even though they arrived at the door while he was here and very insistent that he open them right then, wrapping paper or no. And I most certainly did not beam with pride that he was so pleased, especially since I had shopped online without having his booklist, which he later provided for my lovely sis-in-law.

I did not enjoy too much of the super savory pork roast that Danny Bryant served last night after church. I wouldn't do that, because I don't like slow roasted pork from the grill, especially not when it's been rubbed down with olive oil, Worchestershire sauce, garlic salt, onion powder, celery salt, and cumin, among other things. And I'm definitely not hungry just writing about it.

I have not beamed with pride (partly because I'd be doing too much of that this week) at Maddy's progress in sitting and rolling!

I have not been about sick in my stomach at how time flies with my kids, especially when I discovered Carli has two loose teeth.

I have not rejoiced that Maddy's surgery on her feet has been postponed until at least November!

I have not enjoyed reading the Little House books aloud to Carli and Livy while they finish their meals at supper time. (They are a little young for me, after all.)

I have not stayed up until 5:30 AM in an attempt to get my homework done on time.

I have not worried about Maddy's audiology results and have not tested her over and over in the last week.

I have not used a Daddy-ism on Carli: "Carli, I want you to clean this room---IMMEDIATELY, if not sooner!" And I have not missed Daddy so much that I've actually started writing down memories.

I do not wish that I could be in PA today, helping mom move into her adorable new house! :) Love you, Mom!

So what did you NOT do this week?

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