Sunday, February 1, 2009

Quick update

Maddy is about the same today. I asked if she would stay in PICU for the duration of her stay or head to the next floor, and they said she will move to Peds when her respiration rates start staying down.

In the night her respritation rates started putting off alarms, so I worried that she was not doing as well, but the nurse told me this morning it was because she was on her side and the lead was picking up heart rate too.

They put a feeding tube in this morning. Yesterday when we tried to feed her, she struggled so much. She coughed horribly with each swallow, and since we had to take the mask off, she de-SATed too. She worked so hard, pulling hard with each breath. She only ate 2-3 ounces between two feedings. The feedings tuckered her out completely each time. So to prevent her from losing weight (she's already very small for her age), they put the feeding tube in to get her the calories she needs.

It seems very strange that it's Sunday since I'm not in church. (Everyone from church--Man, I miss you all! Wanna come sing for me? I'm sure we could fit the choir in the lobby at least, but definitely not in this room. We could do the halls around the PICU. They kids would love it, I bet!) I may go find the chapel for a little quiet time later today.

Hugs to everyone. Thanks so much for your prayers.

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