Friday, December 12, 2008

Now that's easy

I'm getting ready to go finish up my Christmas Shopping. Even though I'm done with the girls, I asked Olivia what she wanted for Christmas, and it appears that I could have saved some time and money. She wants a peanut butter sandwich. Something tells me that she doesn't quite understand Christmas yet.


Anonymous said...

LMBO!!! I hope she gets her wish ;]


The Gurnee's said...

Well... that's much easier on the pocket book too!!! :-)


Shirley said...

Brother Dye got a laugh out of Olivia's Christmas 'gift.' That's just too cute -- and quite cheap for you, too. Thinking of you, and we wish you safe travel back to PA. Love, Shirley

Lori said...

I've been thinking along the same lines of spending money, Brianna told Santa that she wants some paper for christmas! So much for the play-doh, books, dress-up clothes, I can send them back! :)