Monday, December 8, 2008

Not Me Monday

Well, I've decided to join MckMamma for Not Me Monday! As I type this, there are 256 others who have joined in the fun this week. To view un-confessions of lots of other moms, click here.

--I definitely did not get behind on my house work this last week. Oh, no. Not me. Being the extremely organized person that I am, I stayed on top of everything so that my house was in pristine condition by the time I was done with a day in Indy for a doctor appointment and urodynamics study for Madeline plus some Christmas shopping; therapy; two choir practices; three performances; one after- program party at Joyce's; and one sick little baby. See, I'm good like that. Doesn't matter how busy I am, my house is always perfect. I do not still need to clean up the laundry explosion. (Thanks to my awesome hubby that kept it going, though!)

--I have not wished for Mary Poppins to pay me a visit and snap my house into said pristine condition.

--I did not accidentally leave the baby wash bottle beside the couch after I did not give Madeline a sponge bath instead of a real one before one of our concerts. The wash did not spill all over the carpet (like half the bottle) and I most certainly did not spend over a half hour scooping bubbles off the floor. The said floor most certainly does not have baking soda sprinkled all over it, because it most certainly does not reek of stale water.

--I love my friend too much to make her take care of my sick baby while I sang in the program. I am such a good mother, that I would forfeit countless hours and days and weeks of choir practice just to sit and rock my baby and totally miss out on singing with everyone. (Thanks, Lisa B. for all your help this weekend)

--I did not make a huge batch of gingerbread dough only to find out that I didn't have a gingerbread man cookie cutter. I did not overindulge and eat way too many gingerbread bears.

--I did not eat the last serving of Joyce's heavenly BBQ brisket, at her get-together on Friday night. And I definitely did not have seconds of the Next-best-thing-to-Robert-Redford dessert! (Who names these desserts??? I had a dear friend and pastor's wife give me a "Better-than-sex Cake" recipe a few years ago. By the way, R*****, it's always a hit whenever I serve it!)

--My middle child is not so naughty as to stick a marker in her ear and color away. She did not have one bright blue ear and one bright pink one, the latter of which made Lisa B. and Cindy think it was bleeding inside her ear.

--And finally, I most certainly was not proud of Carli for looking so beautiful and being so cute as she sang with the other children. And I most certainly did not almost tear up when Nathaniel (a darling little boy with spina bifida) sang "What can I give Him?" and I definitely didn't cry through the last half of choir practice on Wednesday because I was missing Daddy.

So what did you not do this last week? Head on over to MckMamma's for complete instructions if you would like to join in on the fun!


Lori said...

I really enjoy reading the 'Not Me' posts, and yours was so funny! You're a brave, brave woman, I haven't quite got up the nerve to start that post, we all want to think deep inside that we're perfect mothers. It certainly helps to read others accounts of 'imperfection', lol!

Melanie C. said...

I loved reading this post, BUT, when I got to the gingerbread bears, well let's just say - ROFLOL!! I really loved it! :-) Like your background, by the way...