Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mini appointment marathon

Thank you for your prayers for Maddy. She still sounds bad, but her fever has broken, so hopefully, that's a sign that she's on the way to getting better.

Today we had three appointments, and here's a brief summary:

Orthopedic surgeon: Very impressed with Dr. Didelot. I didn't tell him that Dr. Escobar thought that I should see the spine surgeon first and that the spine doctor would probably be the best. After the appointment with Didelot, I think I just may allow him to be the one to do her spine surgery when it's time. He's a pediatric doctor, for one, and I was much more comfortable with him. At any rate, Maddy will have her clubbed feet corrected at one year old (9 more months!), providing she's doing well in weight, etc. Even though she has absolutely no movement in her legs and will not walk (unless there's a miracle, medical or otherwise), the surgery will allow her to wear shoes and braces for using a stander. Surgery to correct the kyphosis will happen after she's two at least. Until then, she's too small for the rods that will be used to straighten her out. I'm so excited, though, to have a game plan, even if it is a way out.

Renal ultrasound: revealed that her kidneys are a bit swollen, possibly from the vescicoureteral reflux. There wasn't an ultrasound of her kidneys while she was in NICU, so we don't know if this is new or not.

Urologist: Dr. Cain came to Indy specifically to help kids with SB from St. Vincent's and Riley Children's. On some kids he performs surgeries to aid them in keeping dry when they're old enough to be out of diapers. Sure beats a bag for life! :) He is scheduling a urodynamics study to see how well her bladder is working (or not) so we can see how much we need to cath her per day and how closely need he needs to follow her right now.

So all in all a good day! I got one paper written last night, submitted around 3 AM, and one more to write tonight. Tomorrow we have developmental therapy, and I'm going to a little fall party with Carli's class. Choir practice tomorrow night, providing Maddy's feeling better (have to try out my new wrap that hopefully is coming tomorrow!!!!). Carli has off Thursday and Friday for parent/teacher conferences. We're making hay while the sun shines, as my mother would say, and going to the zoo while we're down in Indy for Maddy's appointment with the neurodevelopmentalist. Then maybe I can sleep!!!! :) Only one more workshop left in this course (Strategic Management---UGH!!!), and then I'll be back to my beloved accounting!!!

Love you all, thanks for your prayers and support!

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