Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Pictures at last!

I love the look on her face, especially the pursed lips!

Just hanging out.
Lisa drops in to see Maddy.

First day of Kindergarten.
Here we are!
Waiting for her name tag.
Coloring before class begins
Day 2

First bath in baby tub. That silly cord hung on for 4 weeks exactly.
Nice and clean
Grandpa holds Maddy for the first time (Welcome Home from that LONG trip!)
Aunties Emmie and Lorraine see Baby Madeline for the first time.

Gramma holds Maddy at long last.
T-shirt dress all the way from Yellowstone. Thanks Gramma! Second trip to church
Olivia is tickled pink with Maddy.Kisses from big sissy.
Tuckered out. Look at her hands all folded!
Carli holds baby at Gramma's.

Day 4 (today!)


Katie said...

pam! I loved the pics! Carli is so big! I remember when she was crawling! does that make me old? ahg! Maddie is getting cuter and bigger every time I see pics, I could just squeeze her! And Liv, :*/ she's so BIG I still think of her as the baby and now she's holding the baby. :(
OKay enough tearful ramblings, haha. I love you!!

Amy said...

I have so enjoyed reading your blog. I am not sure that we know each other personally but have friends of friends! LOL Anyway, we found out we I was expecting my son at 23 weeks in utero that he would be born with a congenital bone disorder that would cause him to break bones easily and often. I was devastated but looking back I have seen God's hand of healing and have learned to pray like I never knew before. Oh, Satan still tempts me with fear that he could get really hurt and although it is a journey I would never have chosen, I am a changed person because of it! Your girls are so precious and your faith is amazing.

Pooky's Page said...

Pam, It was great hearing from you. Your baby is adorable and Kirk has kept us up to date. Just wanted to say thanks for stopping by and let you know that you have a beautiful family and you are all in our prayers. Let's try to stay in touch.