Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Above: The girls on Sunday. Note: We're getting our pics taken this week for our directory and I'm desperately trying to figure out what we can wear that we can all match or at least not clash! We all have green, but mine is a different color of green. I need Melanie!!!!! And if you don't know what I'm talking about, go to www.theclemensclan.blogspot.com.
Over this past week, I've enjoyed getting to know two moms here in town, both with little ones that have spina bifida. First, I finally got in touch (by phone) with the family whose third little girl is four months old. We're meeting later this month, and they're anxious for us to meet their little one. They have pics/video of both before and after the surgery, as well, so that should be enlightening. And then last night, I had been invited to an a la mode custom purse party, and I'd decided not to go, since I couldn't afford it at the moment. But the hostess let me know that her friend that I've been wanting to meet was going to be there and not to feel obligated to just come and talk and not shop. So I gave in and went, and I'm ever so glad I did! For one thing, I know exactly what I want when I go back to a party! I absolutely love their "go anywhere" bag and their "designer daybag." You pick your own material(s) and embellishment! (check them out at www.alamodestudio.com!) Erynn was a delight. Her oldest, Alex, is 8 with sb, and it was so helpful to sit down and talk to someone who really understands this waiting process, as well as giving me an idea what the future may be like.
So I REALLY broke out of my comfort zone this week by initiating contact with two friends. God is so good. He knew just what I needed. I am so ready to get Maddy here, and in about 7 weeks, that will be a reality!!

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Melanie C. said...

7 weeks and then we will get to see your beautiful girl! Oh my! I can't wait!!!!
Email me pictures of your coordinating clothes...I would love to help, although you will do great. Go with white...can't go wrong with all white (and maybe a pop of color!)
:-) Love you bunches!