Thursday, May 22, 2008

Carli's school program

Wednesday was Carli's last day of preschool, complete with a program in the evening. I think I was sadder than she was, though she kept reiterating that she would miss Mrs. Wilson and Wyatt a lot. Last night she came and sat on my lap and said, "I miss Mrs. Wilson already!"

Below: Heading out to the program. Carli's holding a pot of flowers for one of her teachers.

Below: After Carli received her certificate and Sing-a-long CD

Below: This year's couple in deep puppy love--Carli and Wyatt!

Below: Mrs. Wilson and Carli. I couldn't have been more pleased to have Mrs. Wilson as Carli's teacher. She was so creative and fun (and it didn't hurt that she really liked Carli.)

Below: Delaney and Carli

Below: After the program, we went one last time to the classoom. Olivia's favorite spot is the Reading Center, a playhouse.

Below: Carli and her boys, Liam and Wyatt.

Below: These are out of order. Oh, well. Carli and a few of her girlfriends on their last day of school: Olivia, Carli, Emily and Elizabeth.

Below: Carli on the last mornign of school.

Below: In a completely unrelated story--Carli drew this picture of our family. What really struck me was her version of Maddy (far left). Notice the feet. That was not coincidence, I found out after asking her about the picture.

Below: Carli got a new bike. We bought it from the same man who sold Glen his bike. It's brand new. Two weeks ago, someone bought it for a granddaughter who didn't want it (imagine!). So I paid $35 for it instead of $87!

Below: Some video clips of the progrom. The top one is Olivia's response to the songs. I only got half of it. The first was loud whoops of joy and clapping like crazy. The second is of one of the songs they sang.

In other news: Alyssa and I went garage saling the other day. I prayed that I'd find a bassinet, and I did! Looks like new. And I got a bouncy seat and a swing (I passed up two others for $30, and paid $10 for this one and it looks brand new.). I also found an easel with whiteboard and chalkboard for the girls, and it was well worth the $5! I make it out saling about once a year, so I was very pleased that I had a good day! Poor Alyssa didn't find anything, but we made up for it with hot chocolate!


Mom said...

I don't like to leave comments but thought I would let you know that I am with darling Olivia -- thumbs up on Carli's program!!! So much fun to see pictures of our sweet granddaughters - they are growing so quickly and we MISS them! But the pictures and news definitely help! Carli's picture of the family with Maddy was just too precious! HUGS!

Nancy said...

I enjoyed all your pictures. The drawing is just TOO cute....I love it when my kids get to see the world through their eyes. Glad you found some good bargains at the garage sales....that's what I'm DYING to do, but just haven't had a free weekend yet (not that I need anymore stuff, but hey it's fun)