Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Madeline's First Day of School**

**And no, I didn't cry. Madeline did a great job on her first day of school. She wheeled in there like she owned the place, and didn't fuss at all when I left.

For those who may have missed it, for now, preschool is how she is getting her needed therapies, since she has aged out of First Steps. She's growing up!

By the way, you can see a bit of Annie, Maddy's little friend who also has spina bifida and a plethora of lots of other serious issues. She's a precious little girl and I'm thrilled she's in Madeline's class. Besides Annie and Maddy, there are three other little ones in the class, and I had met or knew of two of the others. It made me happy. :)


Anonymous said...

so precious she will do great she looks like she is having a blast there at school :) !!!

Lisa said...

NO! Baby Maddy cannot be in preschool already (because that means that Judah's a big boy too!)

She is so adorable. Sounds like you have a confident little girl. Love the pink chair.

nanasteaparty said...

She is adorable!! I would have cried, you were a brave momma!!

Shore Girl said...

Love her smile in the 1st pic -- so pretty!
Happy School Year Little Maddie -- hope you have a great time!