Monday, May 30, 2011

Lazy Days of Summer with an Easter flashback

Since I never posted Easter pics, this is just for you!
I'm enjoying my cool house on one hot Memorial Day. This past Tuesday we officially finished school for the 2010/2011 school year, and we've revelled in our new-found freedom of summer. Still a little crazy with therapy, meeting with the school (more on that in a bit), and company, but the pace is a bit slower.

Olivia's closing program at preschool was bittersweet. I've seen her grow and change and start to say her "th" sound, which she likes to practice on me every once in a while, exaggeratedly sticking her tongue out to get it right. Her teachers declared her a delight, always quick to obey, and kind to others. Kindergarten, slow and gentle, awaits around the corner, and since she's been begging me to teach her to read, I'm sure that will be a priority for the coming year.

Second grade for Carli took us on a tour of the United States and some of her history, filled two notebooks on our first ever notebooking experience, delighted us with hands-on science activities, and started us down the path of nature study (though we want to indulge in this more consistently this summer and through the years ahead). Even though Carli is sure that she "hates math," she has done a terrific job, and this year she discovered a love for chapter books with bookmarks. The "code" is finally embedding itself in her little brain which makes the "work" of reading much more enjoyable. We did not do as much handwriting practice or art as we should have, but we loved the book basket full of living books and our study of Tchaikovsky's The Nutcracker, Swan Lake, and Sleeping Beauty.

Carli has fully arrived at the questions stage. She could sit for long periods of time asking endless questions, especially if it will keep her from a math worksheet, eating something she's not fond of, or settling down for sleep. Right now she's concerned for poor old Satan. She doesn't understand why he can't just say he's sorry and go to heaven. When asked not too long ago what question she would like to ask Jesus the most, she said, "I'd ask if He would please just forgive Satan so he wouldn't have to go to hell." Okay then.

Three of Madeline's therapists have flown the coop, so to speak, one to a maternity leave, and two because of changes with First Steps that necessitate us choosing from agencies rather than independent therapists. We MISS them! They are like family after three years of working closely with them every week. Our two new therapists are lovely ladies, and we will be sad to see them go in July when Maddy ages out of First Steps.

Last week, I performed the dreaded deed of attending the first case conference with the school system. (More on that in another post). She continues to astound us with her wheeling abilities. She loves the big open areas at church, especially where she can practice circles and steering toward whichever person she most wants to bless with a hug. Due to some job uncertainties, we're praying her new wheelchair will be approved before insurance becomes an issue. The demo chair is still in our possession and I'm NOT calling her rep back to see when he's going to reclaim it! :) He's fully aware of the lapsed pick-up date...I heard through the grapevine that he just may be engineering it so we can have it as long as possible, since he's so amazed at how well she's doing!

I'm not quite ready to unveil 2011/2012 plans for Carli and Olivia. I have been research mode (one of my most favorite times of the year), and I have about 95% of my mind made up on a big leap. Still praying much for wisdom, so much so that sometimes my mind will not shut down at night and I lie awake too long pondering the possibilities. Exciting stuff, but besides actual curriculum, I have a big reading list of my own to get through so that I can successfully carry out this style of education I wholeheartedly believe in. More on that in another post, when I actually have all plans a go.

This is a weekend for company! We were blessed to have Mom and Dad Asbury, Emeline and Lorraine (Glen's younger siblings and aunties to our three girlies), and Carli's friend Katie over for Sunday ham dinner. Mmmm. (The ham gravy and pineapple sauce were divine!). Last night, Kirsten and Caitie, dear claimed sisters of mine, and The Boy (Andrew) visited for lots of homemade pizza and laughter and getting acquainted with said Boy. (Nana Di, I have to tell you that he sat and played gently with Madeline, oohed and ahhed over her x-ray pics, and listened with earnest attention to Olivia's performances, so I'm thinking we can put a big A in the "interaction with children" column.) Today we're happy to relax with the Bryants around our grill.

We were supposed to be in Pennsylvania visiting my lovely mother for the weekend and beyond a few days to see Jordan's family, too, but due to the job situation briefly mentioned above, we thought it best to stay put for the time being until we know the next step in the journey. We're disappointed, but thankful for friends and family to fill our days so we don't sit around and mope about Jordan having all the fun! :) By the way, Jordan, I don't want to hear even one comment about Gibbles Fire Chips or Tom's Pizza. That would just be mean. Humph.

I trust you all a meaningful Memorial Day.

Olivia about to take off on a bike ride with Daddy.

Must have been fun...they were gone for more than an hour!


Pamela said...

Oh how I love long posts about your life happenings. You always amaze me. I pray often for you and love you bushels and even more than that!

Auntie Pam

Kayla said...

I love reading about your life too! I'll tell Jordan not to make any comments about chips and pizza, but it prob won't stop him! btw, Bri has the same bike as Livy! We miss you! Kids were so upset that you guys weren't gonna be at Granny's. Love ya.

Shore Girl said...

Fun reading about your last school year and your anticipation for the next.
Makayla joins Carli in "hating Math" -- My theory on the hatred here is that it's quite a bit of work at times and she'd rather do the "fun stuff."
I'll look forward to your post that "un-veils" the new plan for your next school year.