Thursday, April 7, 2011

Oral Narration on Abraham Lincoln

Would you like to "hear" one of Carli's oral narrations for history? She's doing a pretty good job considering this is our first year doing Charlotte Mason style. We continue to work on what starting at the beginning, including the most important facts, etc., but for second grade…again not bad! J

For this particular narration, I asked Carli to tell me what Abraham Lincoln was like. She included a story she remembered from a while back (President's Day??), I thought it was a good example of Lincoln's personality. I then asked her to tell me briefly about Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War and slavery.

This is unedited. I did help her with the date and the names of the two armies.


Abraham Lincoln had a very big smile. When he was young (like 15 years old), he loved to study the law book. He lay with his nose in a book and his feet on the tree. He was very smart and kind. He was more than six feet tall.


One time there was a man driving down the road and Abraham Lincoln said, "Please let me pass!" And the man said, "No, I'm not going to." Abraham Lincoln stood up and got taller and taller and taller and the man said, "Stop getting taller!" and got out of the way into the mud. Abraham Lincoln laughed and helped him out of the mud.


He was elected President of the United States. There was a war in 1861 and one side was called the Union and the other the Confederacy, and they were fighting and Abraham Lincoln did not like it.


He did not like slavery, and he let the slaves free.

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Shore Girl said...

Good job "little" niece, Carli --- isn't learning fun with MFW?!
We're dragging our study of "Honest Abe" out a bit because we're reading a really FUN book about his childhood! Already excited for next year and Countries and Cultures!