Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Preschool for Olivia

Olivia is over the moon that she gets to go to preschool. We are sending her three mornings a week (for two hours) to the same preschool that Carli attended, and we absolutely love this school. She is constantly asking when she can go back on those off days.

Open house:

I love this picture! Carli and Liam were in the same class in preschool, and now Livy and Rhys are. We get together with them quite a bit through the year for homeschool outings or just to play.

First day excitement

Walking in to the school...
...down the stairs...

...and onto the circle rug.
A little quiet this first morning, but no tears.

Her turn to take the Mystery Box. (I know she had white on after Labor Day, but I haven't gotten Fall stuff out yet.)

Just altogether too adorable.


Lisa said...

Rock on with those socks, girlfriend!

Monica said...

Hi Pam -
I just awarded you the Lovely Blog Award

Congrats! Monica

Kirsten said...

I'm pretty fond of the knee socks. ;)

alyssa said...

You said it!..........All together just too adorable.

Is she going to be another fashionista like her sister!!

Great pics.......It truly shows her happiness!!