Thursday, April 16, 2009

Christmas week at Mom's (More catch up)

I hope you'll forgive me posting some more old pics. This blog also serves as an online picture journal for me, so here goes:

Kissing cousins

Got this little outfit for $0.60 in an after Christmas sale.

Livy playing her Granddaddy's potato flute. His chess set (handmade by my Grandma Cessna), guitar and trombone are in the background as well. Yep, memories everywhere. Makes it feel like he could walk around the corner any moment.

Ahhhh. Not sure if my niece Brianna is touched about something or singing the national anthem! :)

Merry Christmas, Daniel (my nephew...two weeks older than Maddy)! (Jammies from Granny)

Jammies from Granny

Ok, I'm risking life and limb to post this picture, but it's the only one from the morning we opened presents! Hey, Mom, at least I cropped it a bit! :) Thank you for our wonderful Christmas. Only wish the tags could have said "Mommy and Daddy."

Waiting not-so-patiently for the presents to begin! (Jammies from Granny)

I think she's happy!

Couldn't resist!!! Yep, my missionary brother can act downright silly on occasion.

Wide awake for the presents! Enjoying Maddy's bumbo seat.

Bottle duty. Seems hard to even remember when she was able to take a bottle.

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Kayla said...

Love these pictures! I hardly got any good ones at all! It seemed all of mine were just dumb things like feet or I cut off someone's head, etc. (that sounds awful!)I must have been too busy watching to take pics!