Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Oh, my word, my first craving!

For all of you that like trying new recipes, here's a fun blog for you to enjoy: This SAHM takes pictures of her meal prep, step-by-step, so you have to scroll quite a bit to see the finished product, but believe me by the time you get there, you're craving it. Or at least I am!

Scroll down on that blog to find the Apple Dumpling recipe. Totally different, and definitely on my grocery list!! That was my first craving with this pregnancy.


Lori said...

I can vouch for the apple dumplings recipe, its sooo awesome! I plan to make them again the weekend, absolutely scrumptious! :)

danaeyoung said...

Hey Pam! Thanks for telling about that cooking blogspot. Those, I will have to try, those dumplings!!
But what about Mt. Dew when pregnant? You can get caffeine free tho probably so that'd be ok.
Well have a good one!

danaeyoung said...

Did you get my email about our baby on the way? I'm 13 weeks pregnant as of March 4th! We are quite happy about it!
I've looked in books on two charts and I should be due around Sept. 8 or 9!
Anyway, happy cravings with your pregnancy!!

Sandra said...

Hi Pam :)

Thank you for mentioning my blog and I'm so glad you're enjoying it. The apple dumplings are just to die for, they are seriously dangerous LOL

Shandra said...

Thank the Lord caffiene doesn't hurt!! I had Dr. Pepper almost every day when I was pregnant with Brooklynn!! I was sooo addicted! Once I found out I wasn't going to have a hyperactive child because of caffiene, I lifted my ban on it! :-)